What is a Zettelkasten?

As mentioned on the home page, a “Zettelkasten” means “idea box”, for more information see this information about it.

This folder has no subfolders and if you are on desktop you may have noticed the sidebar with folders is gone. You’ll also notice on most pages that there are “uplinks” on the top. These are automatically generated based upon the links between files.

This all allows a more fluid and dynamic way of capturing knowledge and ideas. Sometimes ideas do not neatly fit into a particular category and hierarchy (which is imposed by placing files within folders).

Typically these notes will be accessible via a link in at least one of the pages that are in the folder structure.

Feel free to browse all the notes below if you would like, but most of the time you would probably end up in this Zettelkasten folder via following a link 🙂.