On Christianity

This folder will include some collected thoughts of mine on Christianity, ideas about God and related questions I am wrestling with. Please don’t take the fact that this is publicly available to mean that I think I have “all the answers”, I certainly don’t. I do however value the potential discussion and interaction this may bring which I imagine may most often occur by me directly sharing specific pages with people that I discuss these topics with in ‘real life’. But also I would value interactions on this site and invite comments, please see Interacting with this blog.

It is well worth stating that I do call myself a Christian. I say that with caution because I know there still can be some negative perceptions this can incite that could have negatively consequences for me. However, all things considered I am not ashamed of what I believe and ultimately I do think that what I believe helps me towards living a fulfilling life as well as with coping in tough times and that at least some aspects of what I post in this folder may be of help to others - potentially greatly of help. Also, I value refining my beliefs and being open to comments here (again, really please see Interacting with this blog 🙂) so please do feel free to make comments, either publicly or if you just want me to see the comment you can create a private Hypothesis group and add me.


I want to highlight a couple of key ideas about what I believe about Christianity to clarify up-front some important notions and prevent potential misunderstandings about what I believe just because I use the term “Christianity”. I may add to this list in time.

Universalism - everyone ends up reconciled with each other and with God

I do not believe that any person or sentient entity ends up being tortured in ‘hell’ for eternity. Rather, I believe that all get reconciled with each other and with God.

This affects how we see God in a wide range of ways and how we perceive God’s character. I am certainly not alone in this view, it is often called Christian Universalism. There are various subtleties within that umbrella term, but the core idea of everyone being reconciled and ending up “in heaven” is the common ground and the most critical notion.


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